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Round 2021 Details Just Announced - VGM Update

If you haven’t already heard, the Round 2021 Request for Bid details were announced this morning. The bid window was pushed back to July 16th. The team at VGM are reading through all the details and will have more information coming out soon. Please stay tuned!

This is another great reason to come to the VGM Heartland conference, June 10-12th ! Mark, John and the rest of us will be here to answer your questions. We’d love to see you! Click here for more information on Heartland.  https://www.vgmheartland.com/

Below are some other up-coming training sessions focused on Round 2021 Competitive Bidding Program:

Webinar: Tuesday, May 7th-What You Need to Know About Competitive Bidding Round 2021 with Mark Higley

Click here to register for this free webinar.

Conference: Wednesday, June 5th- Bid Smart 2019 Summit in Nashville, TN

1 day Competitive Bidding Workshop with Cara Bachenheimer of Brown & Fortunato, Kim Brummett of American Association for Homecare and Mark Higley of VGM

Click here for more details and to register.

In the mail: VGM and the Consortium of Industry Experts on competitive bidding have put together a mailer that all DME suppliers will be receiving in the mail in the next couple weeks. This pamphlet will direct any potential bidders to the consortium website for further education, including instructions on how to use the bid calculator that is housed on the website. A special thanks to VGM’s Strategic Imaging team for the printing and mailing these pamphlets. Click here to see a sneak peek at the mailer.


Adam Jones