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Grassroots Advocates Needed

We want your help with an industry-wide initiative to establish a volunteer HME contact for each of the 535 federal legislative offices!  As you well know, advocacy is a cornerstone of our Industry as we navigate through these transformative times.  We need to build champions on Capitol Hill who will fight for the HME Industry and those we serve. 

In partnership with AAHomecare’s State Leaders Council, we are working to assign a primary and secondary grassroots advocate to every legislator so that whenever there’s a Call to Action/Ask, we know that we’re hitting all of the offices.  Volunteers who sign up to participate will receive issue briefs and alerts with the latest information so that they are equipped to educate and active their Representative/Senator.  An educational Webinar will be available in January for those who are willing to serve but would like more information on how to effectively lobby a legislative office.


We are currently recruiting volunteers for the following legislator in Utah:

Representative Rob Bishop

Representative Chris Stewart

Representative John Curtis

Representative Mia Love

Senator Orrin Hatch

Senator Mike Lee

If you would like to be added as a primary point person for one or more of these legislators, please send Jana Gilmore (jgilmore@medgroup.com) the following information:

·       Legislator Being Assigned

·       Volunteer Full Name

·       Volunteer E-Mail Address

·       Company Volunteer Works For

·       If the Volunteer is the Legislator’s Constituent (doesn’t have to be)


Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Adam Jones